East View Nautical provides custom services to better enhance your boating experience. From waypoints to chart mosaicing, East View Nautical will meet all your sailing needs.

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Digital charts, the raster (digital) version of a paper map. A paper map that has been scanned at a high resolution and saved as a JPEG, PDF, TIFF, etc.

Vector charts, charts displayed as a series of lines, points and polygons. Each point feature is represented by a single coordinate pair while lines and polygon features are represented as ordered lists of vertices. Attributes are associated with each vector feature.

Recreational charts, booklets of small scale charts for a particular area of interest such as Chicago’s harbor, the San Juan Islands, intracoastal waterways and the Erie Canal.

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A location of interest, or a point of reference on a route. Stored as a longitude/latitude coordinate.


A line that connects waypoints to create a custom route for navigation and reference.


The process of converting raster data into a series of lines, points, and polygons or vector data.


Aligning geographic data to a known coordinate system so it can be viewed an analyzed with additional geographic data.


Removing map marginalia (legend and margins) so only the geospatial data remains.


A digital dataset composed of two or more maps with the same spatial reference and scale and that have been cropped.