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TADOUSSAC A/TO CAP ETERNITE (1203) by Canadian Hydrographic Service
TADOUSSAC A/TO CAP ETERNITE (1203) by Canadian Hydrographic Service
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Price: $20.00
Publication Date: 2011
Scale: 1:37,500
Product Type: Flat Map
MapLink Code: CHS_1203
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Magnetic variation provided; Bathymetry by contours at internal as small as 6 meters with spot depth in meters; shallow coastal water in blue; anchorages, lighthouses, buoys, wrecks, submerged and awash rocks, obstructions, submarine cables, pipelines, islands, and islets shown; military exercise areas and sailing courses areas marked; Larger-scale maps in the series show shore characteristics (sandy, rocky, cliffs), bridges, and harbor features (piers, wharfs, jetties, breakwaters). Map languages are English and French.
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